Fellow, Resident, and Medical Student Component

Congratulations to the 2022 winners of the Fellow, Resident and Medical Student Poster Session at the MSA 2022 Annual Meeting!

Are you a medical student, anesthesiology resident, fellow or have experience working with residents? Join the MSA Fellow, Resident, and Medical Student Component! This committee is comprised of medical students, fellows, residents and resident faculty from each of the anesthesiology programs in the state - University of Missouri: Columbia, University of Missouri: Kansas City, Saint Louis University and Washington University. 

2022 MSA Resident Component Officers:

Mirjana Vustar, MD, Chair

Katelyn Christopher, DO, President (SLU)

Ryan Lee, MD, MBA, Vice-President (Wash U)

Interested in learning more?

Mirjana Vustar, MD - MSA Resident Component Chair   |   Jim Kelly, MD - MSA Resident Liaison